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About Downtown Dinners

Do I need to completely thaw my entree before cooking? 

It's always best to completely thaw your entree in the refrigerator before cooking.  However, most items have instructions that include additional cooking times if not completely thawed or quick thawing methods.  


How many does a regular size entree feed? 

Our regular size entrees feed 2-3 people.  And if you want to stretch your entree, be sure to select a side dish and a dessert option.  There are so many yummy choices! 

If I order online, do I pay in the store when I pick up? 
Yes.  Save time by placing your order online.  We will have your order ready for you to pick up and pay for in our store the next day.  When you come into the store, just tell us your name and we will get your order from our holding freezer.